About Macarons Studio

Macarons Studio is a boutique production house based in Johor Bahru specialised in professional commercial photography that speaks the story of your brand. Established in 2017, our studio is founded on the back of our team of highly experienced, enthusiastic photographers with perfect blend of creative style and collaborated quality to fulfill clients’ conceptual needs.


How It Get Started

The idea of starting Macarons Studio came to life in tandem with the rapid growth of online businesses year by year. Amidst the boom of e-commerce economy, we recognise the growing need of having professional photography for businesses to stand out among the competitive market. Thus, Macarons Studio was established with the mind of providing photography solutions that not only create remarkable pictures, but also spur the best out of our valued clients.


Our Philosophy

As with the name of our studio, macaron is a sweet, colourful meringue-based dessert that is visually appealing and sparks joy for us. The same goes for photography. At Macarons Studio, we undertake every photoshooting process as a sweet and happy task for which, we hope to create pictures that capture the most delightful moments and spark joy in your heart.


Our Service

Studio Sharing
Seminar Room Sharing


Studio Services

Kids Photo Shooting , Baby Photo Shooting , Maternity Photo Shooting , Family Photo Shooting , Granduation Photo Shooting , BFF Photo Shooting , Couple Photo Shooting , Personal Profile Photo Shooting , Company Group Photo Shooting , Product Shooting


Out Station Services

Company Profile , Company Open House Event , Company Annual Dinner Event , Company Product , Property Interiors & External Photo Shooting , Wedding Actual Day & Dinner , ROM , Kindergarden Granduation & Event


Our Portfolio

As we mark our service with creativity and business professionalism, we have accumulated an impressive portfolio in commercial shooting over the past few years. Here is a list of customers we have served:

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